St Brigid’s has a proud history of educational continuity and tradition, serving the community of Raymond Terrace and beyond since 1850. The school is housed on a site mixed with heritage listed and modern buildings. These buildings are surrounded by a garden setting. 

St Brigid’s has a large staff of 46 in total. This consists of five Executive members – the Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator and two Primary Coordinators. The teaching staff support 16 classes from Kindergarten to Year 6. These classes are taught by a mixture of full-time and part-time teachers. 

St Brigid’s has a large Learning Support staff consisting of Learning Support Teachers, School Councillor and Learning Support Assistants. 

St Brigid’s also has a full-time Teacher Librarian and Library Assistant. The school office is supported by two full-time secretaries. 

A list of staff contacts can be found below:


School Executive

Principal: David Palmer 

Assistant Principal: Marlene George 

RE Coordinator: Leanne Hogan 

Coordinators: Kay Latham & Belinda Sketchley 


Kindergarten: Sue Reid & Dianne Vaughan 

Year 1: Leanne Hogan, Melissa Branson, Emma Said & Katie Boyle 

Year 2: Amy Skillen, Kirsty Williams & Melissa Branson 

Year 3: Jacinta Wilks & Mark Wilson 

Year 4: Madelaine Rae, Mary Parsons & Andrea Osborn

Year 5: Sarah Gibbons, Helen Page, Marc Foxon & Justine Walker 

Year 6: Kristy Brind, Martina Walsh & Kristen Raymond 

Teacher Librarian: Kay Latham 

Library Assistant: Helen Mead 

Pastoral Care Worker: Melissa Fogarty

Leading Teacher for Literacy and Numeracy (K-2): Belinda Sketchley

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Education Teacher: Kristen Jones  

Learning Support Teachers: Narelle Vandermaat & Marlene George  

EAL/D Teachers: Carmel Martin & Donna Gibson 

Administration Office: Jennifer Davidson & Rae Hayes  

Integration Aides: Debbie Everingham, Elizabeth Kidd, Lisa Marks, Helen Mead, Julie Nolan, Tanya Nott, Donna Stanton, Lesley Warner, Jillian Charlton, Vannessa Tasker & Fiona Barlow

School Assistants – Kindergarten: Tanya Nott & Donna Stanton 

Defence Transition Aide: Vannessa Tasker 

Canteen Supervisor: Janette Clift & Susan Hayne